Comfort is Relative | September 12, 2018

A couple of years ago I was invited to participate in “Scenes of Space: An Exhibition of Interiors” at In Toto art gallery in Joburg. It took me a while to select the space I wanted to interpret, but I finally settled on my father’s wine cellar. It was such a cold, dark and dilapidated area of the house that no-one, except my father, found comfort there. I guess that’s where he had the solitude and peace of mind to find his spiritual self. For that reason I named the artwork, “Comfort is Relative”.


A few years later we renovated the space. It has now become our dining room. Quite a far cry from the original space. Cradled with warm, radiant light, the perfect setting for family meals. But as much as we take refuge there with our over-indulgent meals, wine and conversation, my father still fondly reminisces about his spiritual heart centre. Comfort, is relative.

Maria Patrizi.

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